Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alkaline-Rich Diet May Help to Prevent Fibromyalgia

A body that is too acidic can be a host of so many diseases such as fibromyalgia. This is why many people sought refuge in a diet that is alkaline-rich to prevent such diseases from occurring and create a balance inside the body. While origins and root cause of the disease is still unknown to many experts and doctors, the symptoms can easily be managed. Aside from that it is also known that stress, an acidic diet and leading an unhealthy lifestyle can all trigger symptoms of the disease and can aggravate the condition. This is why having an alkaline diet is important to people with the disease; so they can control and manage the symptoms.

There are actually more ways than one in which an alkaline-rich diet can prevent the symptoms of fibromyalgia from occurring. Here are 5 ways on how you can do so:

Eat the right foods - the best way you can do to prevent symptoms from attacking is to eat the right foods. A healthy diet is important to keep your body from getting acidic. Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of alkaline-forming compounds to prevent your body from becoming acidic. Such foods will maintain the right level of alkalinity in your body and thereby prevent any symptoms of the disease that you might feel.

Turkey for meat - most red meat contains high amounts of fat which can increase the acidity levels of your body and thereby produce the disease. It can aggravate the condition and make symptoms even harder to manage. This is why resorting to healthier alternatives is the best option to maintain low levels of acidity in the body and to maintain a healthy body. Turkey is the best source of meat that you can eat. It is also rich in tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid that helps in preventing muscle fatigue which is often associated with the disease.

Sardines - sardines should be incorporated in your diet is you are one of the many sufferers of the disease. But it is best that you eat fresh sardines instead of canned ones. It contains high amounts of CoQ10 which is a great source to prevent symptoms from occurring. Sardines are also alkaline-forming compounds to lower the acidity levels of your body.

Red Fruits - It is also highly suggested that you eat tons of red fruits such as raspberry and cherries. Red fruits are rich in anthocyanins, a compound that prevents inflammation from occurring thereby relieving pain felt due to the disease. You can eat them fresh or juiced. They also help maintain the alkalinity of your body making your healthier and stronger.

Raw fruits and vegetables - as aforementioned, fruits and vegetables are the best sources of alkaline to neutralize your body. They are best eaten raw and unprocessed so you get maximum benefits.

Having an alkaline-rich diet can greatly help you reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia and live a healthier, happier life again. You don't have to worry about muscle pains again and inhibit your daily work because just by changing your diet to alkaline-rich one, pains are under control.

Michelle Cunningham is a dedicated health professional who believes in the power of a proactive lifestyle to maintain optimal health. She is a National Manager for Xooma Worldwide, a company "Changing The Health Of A Generation". Michelle has found a way of life through alkaline living which has not only helped her family's health but others in her life. Please come follow Michelle at her website where you can gain valuable insight to helping yourself and those you love. Visit Michelle:

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