Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top Five Tips For Choosing Incontinence Products

Living a manageable life with incontinence can be challenging, at best. Fortunately for the millions of sufferers around the globe, newer and better products are being manufactured to improve their daily lives. Whether the products are for young professionals who lead active lives or ageing patients who need to cope with their condition, today's incontinence products come in a range of designs and features to suit every person's needs. Here are top five tips for choosing products that work for you.

Get your physician's advice before purchasing your pads or pants. There are different degrees of incontinence and your doctor is the best person to recommend which pads, pull-ups or additional accessories you'll need. There are some people who cope with severe leakage while others only experience mild to moderate incontinence. Your physician can tell you whether you'd be better off with disposable incontinence pants or washable products.

Scrutinise the design and workmanship. Make sure that the product is contoured and will not be too bulky to wear under your clothes. If it's bulky, you could end up feeling uncomfortable and be unwilling to move freely. This is especially crucial to younger people who need to be able to do the regular things they do such as play sports, go for a run, or play with their kids.

Look for incontinence pads with different hydrophobic layers. This allows the liquid to be drawn away from your skin so that you stay dry. As you know excess moisture for some people can cause infection. Different pads can absorb different amounts of liquid. Ask your physician if you need to get the 1250 ml pack of pads or just the 400 ml pack of pads.

Consider how your incontinence pad or pants will figure into your lifestyle. If you lead an active life with a regular gym workout, weekend rugby games, or go on climbs and hikes, disposable products might better serve you. On the other hand if you lead a more relaxed life with the usual job on weekdays and staying in on weekends, washable pants might be more economical.

Shop online. These days, you don't have to walk into a brick-and-mortar store and feel awkward about having to purchase incontinence pants, a pack of pads, or incontinence chair pads. You can shop in the privacy of your home and at any time of the day, without any anxiety. Choose online shops that carry a wide range of products, including wash creams and bottom wipers, bedwetting alarms, pelvic floor exercisers, bathroom and toilet aids, and infection control products. This way you get everything you need in one online shop.

Living with incontinence doesn't have to leave you weighed down and filled with anxiety. By choosing your products well and implementing certain lifestyle changes to manage the symptoms (e.g. cutting down on caffeine and alcohol, quitting smoking, and losing excess weight), you'll be able to go through your regular routines and live a better life.

In choosing the right type of incontinence product for your lifestyle, you need to consider the variety of activities you engage in everyday. This will help you determine the quality of the product you will need so that leaks or unpleasant smell does not happen. These disposable or washable incontinence products are now available online so you don't have to worry about having to buy them in stores.

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