Thursday, October 18, 2012

Have You Found Your Fat Loss Workout?

Have you been working out just to find out you are stuck in a rut? You may have tried several exercise programs but none of them are helping you with your fat loss goals. I am here to tell you it's not your fault.

One of the problems is that you're getting fed the wrong advice all of the time. Fewer minutes doing the right kind of exercise can really help you with belly fat loss.

You see, the secret to losing your fat and building muscle isn't in how much weight you lose or how hard you work out. Discovering how to improve your nutrition and learn how to do a complete fat loss workout, will help you achieve what you have been looking for.

That goes from your nutrition to your fat loss workout. The do-it-all-for-you pill or the diet of all diets is not what I am talking about. Do not try an exercise program that you are not ready for. Start at your own level.

There have been years of research studies which have told us what really works the best for our bodies. Fitness experts have combined these years of study into a simple program that anyone can do at home or in the gym.

My son is an exercise fiend. I think because of two reasons he has a six pack and is muscle from head to toe. One, he has boundless energy, and two, a high metabolism. When you get to be my age, energy and high metabolism kind of go out the window.

I have discovered a nutrition and workout program, though, that helped me lose 2 inches off of my waist. Prior to that, I lost 55 lbs.Thirty minutes a day, five days a week is all I exercise.

In that 30 minutes, I include a warm up and cardio with muscle targeting all in one. The secret is that it is so efficient. Will you get tired following this regimen? You bet. You pack a lot into a short amount of time. I started simple, though. I did my own variation. I eat 6 times a day.

Doesn't eating more make you gain weight? You need to know what to eat at those times. Don't leave out the protein! I don't want you to think that all I do is drink those protein shakes all day. Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy a protein shake Smoothie made my way, but I like to eat good food too. Six, smaller meals with the right protein, carbs, and fat can boost your metabolism and accelerate your fat loss. It would great if all of this were compiled all in one place for you.

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